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Yet Another Article About Docker Logging With Fluentd

Published at: 12/18/21, 4:33 PM

Centralised Backup With Borg

Published at: 12/11/21, 5:42 PM

Home Assistant Switch Timer With Tasmota Pulsetime

Published at: 12/11/21, 12:27 PM

Install A Single Node Kubernetes "Cluster"

Published at: 10/29/21, 12:35 PM

How To Use MKDocs with Docker?

Published at: 10/29/21, 12:35 PM

Get Started With Portainer

Published at: 10/29/21, 12:35 PM

Install And Configure Wireguard VPN

Published at: 10/29/21, 12:35 PM

Install Matrix Home Server On Kubernetes

Published at: 10/29/21, 12:35 PM

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Migrate From Ghost To MKDocs

This site is the newver version of
All conent have been migrated to this new site.

Maybe a bit strange that I use MKDocs for my Blog, but it was neccessary to replace my old Ghost site.
I really liked the Ghost platform when it was at 1.x version, but the new editor is not my taste, so I started to find a new platform. I need a simple and easy to use markdown based platform, so the widely used Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress could not come into the picture. And to be honest I don't need a complete CMS system for this little site.

After some hours of researching I decided to use to migrate my conetnt into it.

I know this is not a typical Blog platform, but after some hours I think it can fulfill all my needs.

Old Content

All of the old contents can be found here under the "Old Blog Conetent" menu. But please aware that these contents are really old, and I keep them only for examples. I think most of the tutorials could not be followed step by step, because a lot of things has been changed since these posts were written.

Last update: October 29, 2021
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